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basketball tryoutsMany basketball players come to the website searching for basketball tryouts in a particular state or country. In most cases there aren’t many professional basketball tryouts for overseas teams.  There are several exposure camps that cater to several agents and a few teams who are local. However, most players are contracted and during the first two weeks, both the basketball player and the club can decide whether they would like to continue or not.

It is a type of tryout and players are compensated and if both sides agree, payment will go out as planned in the contract. So most players expecting a tryout like a high school tryout, it is not the case at all. Your basketball agent will have to find a club and then get you a “tryout”. That will be your chance to shine and prove yourself.

In the states, there are a number exposure camps, tryouts and pro-ams that will help you move forward.


  1. Aikeem Freeman says

    How can i get to play overseas basketball when i come out of high school, because thats what i plan on doing, i need a brief explanation of the process

  2. says

    Honestly because of your status in high school some teams/coaches may not know a thing about you. So I recommend going to some exposure camps where scouts can evaluate you.

    Good luck

  3. walter debro says

    im a 6 ft guard from a very small town in arkansas but i now live in arizona…i am a threat on the court and i have a strong passion 4 the game… 27 and never played for a colledge team …only high school and street ball… i would like to find a agent and find me a team to play for……where do i start? please help

  4. James Archie says

    Asking if your professional basketball program give 35 and up year old b-baller players with skills, a chance to tryout in your program. Or if you know any other programs besides yours that work with players with my age range.

  5. daniel kanelous says

    I would like to know of any of these exposure camps are in florida and if so can some one tell me the the location and the leagues name.

  6. says

    Well, the minimum is to have played organized basketball, preferably college/university. After that some type of video or highlights demonstrating your skills + stats. After that hiring an agent to work for you.

  7. Jennifer Jackson says

    My question is that I love playing ball and I want to get better in the sport. I played for my college for 2yrs and even though cuny schools don’t get recognize there is talent that God gave me that I surely don’t want top go to waste. My question is how do I go about playing ball in Europe and who do I talk to?

  8. bryant brueckner says

    my question is how do i start playing basketball overseas i am 6’0 shooting guard but in basketball standards im a point guard but am willing to play any position at any pro level i just can’t stop playing the game its what i live for in a way

  9. Antonio Johnson says

    Hello my name is antonio i wanted to how do you play for over seas team. I’m a 6’1 guard out of hollywood,fl.I’m a good player but there are not make leagues in florida would you be able to help me thank you.

  10. donnell johnson jr. says

    hello my name is donnell johnson jr. 6’0 point/shooting guard of miami fla. i finished my college career at florida memorial university in 2004. i average 18.5 pts. a game. and 5 asst. i looking for a sports agent to represent me.

  11. Charlie Mack says

    I really want to play ball overseas! What do I have to do to get over there and make something happen in my life?



  13. Matthew Paskey says

    I just got out of high school and really want to play basketball overseas. I’m very skilled and have played against teams that where very high ranked in my state. I’m 6ft. 3inches and can shoot very well. How can I find out when tryouts are overseas? Please help me!!!!!

  14. Charlie Mack says

    Coach Ponds,
    If its possible can u give me an e-mail ( with instructions on how to hook up with you and get started with a work out plan.

  15. carnell brown says

    hello my name is carnell brown im a 6,2 190 guard and i played highschool ball in philly and 2 years of junior college ball and we won the state championship i average my first year 27.2 and my second year 18.5 in the regular season and playoffs 26.5 im trying to decide if i want to play my last two years of college ball of go over seas of possible. if you can let me know what should i do?

  16. Reginald Thomas says

    I am a 5’9” guard that loves the game of basketball and wants to play pro some day. I want to play either in the U.S or overseas. I never played high school or college ball but played street ball and for neighborhood leauges. How can I get an agent and become the player I want to be?

  17. torri williams says

    I have loved the game of basketball every since I was 5 years old. I had to give up all my dreams when i had my 2 kids, but i want to prove to them if you make a mistake in your life u can still go after your dream thats why i hope one day i can play besketbell again.

  18. Michael Sloan says

    Good morning,

    My name is Michael Sloan. I am 6’3” 195lbs. I have been playing Basketball my whole life. I was captain of my team all four years in highschool. I averaged 27.8 pts. I also played 2 years of junior college, in St.Louis ,MO. I avereged 17.1pts and started every game. after junior college i joined the military where i have been captain of my base team for six going on seven years. i have averaged 32.6pts per game . I hold the base record for most point in a game and also most points in a all star game. I have won MVP four time, never lost a dunk-out, and three point shoot-out three times. i also played street ball with And-1, but due to my military commitment i could never tour with them to get a full contract. Now, i will am going to Germany and i am looking for a team that need a skilled guard. Any guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Also, my name with And 1 is SuperMan i have a 40+ inch vertical and is know for my jumping ability. I am out of the military now!

  19. Robert Collins says

    My name is robert collins ive been playin basketball since iwas 13 years old now im 21 and ready for any thing.i grauated out of high school and did not go to college but pratice till i eat sleep live the game…now i feel confident and how i play if any body need someone that got the heart for the game then im your man

  20. Daeshawn McDonald says

    i am a young point guard from nyc with a great handle and tremendous speed and can shoot the three lights out im fresh out of highschool

  21. David johnson says

    I am David Johnson the basketball player from Ft.worth,Tx.I really need a professional team tryout so I can make it pro….I stand 6’8 and weigh 235 pounds , I can perform, I just need the oppurtunity some where in this world I can

  22. Raymond Johnson says

    Im a 5’11” PG who is quick, great defense, with inside and outside game. Can anyone help me find a tryout in or near Texas?

  23. Ambroise Mendy says

    My name is Ambroise Mendy,i am 6’6 forward player,i have good vertic,i am fast with the ball and good inn reboundin and very strong in defence,I want to play in europe or Middle East ,i am A Gambian(africa)playin in the league and am part of the national team,I train hard to take the first chance i have,i want help please

  24. Fred Travis says

    My name is Fred Travis; i’m left handed, five foot nine and have alot of basketball I.Q. looking for a team to help relax my life.

  25. Derrick says

    I am a 18 year old 6’4 185 pd guard i played high school basketball i was all conference all district and i have a strong passion for the game i was recruited by division 1 and division 2 colleges and lots of junior colleges i turned them down to run track now i feel like ive made the worst decision ive ever made and i want to pursue basketball again how can i go about being seen in order to play basketball again

  26. William Reid, Jr says

    I am 5’8″ tall I just turned 29yrs old I have great dribbling skills I have a decent outside game that I am still working on. My inside game is good but I want it to be impacable. I played basketball all 4 years of high school started all 3yrs then transfered schools and the coach from the new school benched me. I ran track in college because I did not want to red shirt for the basketball team and I went all the way to CIAA championships for long jump and placed third. I live in Germany and I am trying to find an exsposure camp here and play pro ball here in Germany. Can anyone help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  27. EDGAR says

    My name is Edgar and im from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Im a 5’8″ guard, really really fast and i have a great passion for the game. Im a great ball player and i would dedicate my all if somebody could find me a team or even get me in a basketball tryout. Im 19 years old, almost 20 and i play ball each and every day.. i really need help… please !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Corey Little says

    Im 6’1 ,How can i get to play overseas basketball when i come out of high school, because thats what i plan on doing, i need a brief explanation of the process. I need info

  29. Brian Shinholster says

    I am a 6’5, 195lbs onster on the boards and i need more info on how to get a chance to try out. This is what i do and what ot continue doing. I am a juco graduate in which i played the wing and in the post. I am always looking to improve my gm. Need basic info on how to try out for an overseas team.

  30. JR Carr says

    Hello!!!1 My name is Jr Carr i’m a 6’3” college freshman and i could never play college ball because of taking care of my mother and now i’m willing and looking fopr a overseas or anywhere team. I love the game and have played my whole life PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Josh says

    Just Finished my 4th year of College ball! played NAIA division 1! I’m looking for any kind of tryouts for a semi-pro team or something! excellent shooter! smart player, athletic!
    Give me a shout! name is Josh Abbey! 515-556-8751

  32. says

    Hello, My name is Bryant Loran, I am a fearless, quick and an awesome player. I love the game basketball it has been a part of my entire life. It is my passion to play ball. It has always been my dream that will not go away. I could play ball all day and every day. I love the game!!! I am a freshman who is planning to attend school this Fall. I would like to try out for a team or overseas.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  33. Dustin says

    im 23 and i have played for a college and i am about to play for a university but i want to get a feel of the pros i think im ready how do i start? i want to find a good camp or get a tryout with some pro teams before next season

  34. Charles Richmond says

    My name is Charles Richmond, I am 6-10 285lbs and wear a size 22 shoe. I was a McDonald All-American in highschool at BTW here in Memphis,tn. We went to the state my 4 yrs taking the championship once. I avg 21pts, 12rebounds and 5 blk shots a game. I am interested in a professional look either overseas or in the U.S. I am still active and still workout and play recreation and organized league park through the park commission. If anyone reads this and knows of an opportunity out there contact me at 901-846-5675.

  35. says

    I’m about to be a junior in high school this year and have a military college looking at me. After college i want to play overseas in Europe, where should i start and try and find a team?

  36. Derrick Knox says

    im 16 years of age i wanna agent to get me where im going my number is im 6”3 shooting guard or pointguard give me a text on

  37. Wachema Cruz says

    I would like to know if you can help me out. I want to play basketball for the overseas this fall. please help me to get a passport and etc. thanks.

    I am deaf lady.

    Wachema Cruz
    1601 Joe Louis Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27610

  38. James A. Moore says

    I am in need of finding information in regards to attending overseas tryouts for the men basketball league. Please contact me with any and all information regarding this matter. I have no visual tapes nor any documents that will show forth my skills as a player but I am more than willing to do what is necessary to show forth my talent in person so that I may be recognized for future possibilities regarding basketball. Thank you.

  39. Nicholas Lovelace says

    I am a 22 years old and I have a passion for the game of basketball. I’m from a little town called Evergreen, Alabama. A place where young, athletic, men and women are never noticed. I played for a high school where I help to lead to becoming 4-A state champions. I never made it to college and was asked to play for a couple of community colleges. My grades weren’t good enough. I just want a chance to become that professional basketball player I have always wanted to be. How do I go about the process to be found and at least given a chance. Please contact me if possible. Thanks and God bless.

  40. Roderick says

    I am a 6’3 combo guard that can lock down on defense and score buckets also from Augusta Georgia ! i was seeing were there any tryouts coming up in the southeastern states soon ! last year i playd pbl ball with tha Augusta Groove in augusta ga. contact if any one have any info ! roderick mcgahee , 706465960 ! hit me up with any info !

  41. Porshia Cleveland says

    I’ve been playing basketball all my life.But i want to play overseas, that’s my dream.This is my last year in highschool and i want to play right after.Please call me on walter cleveland phone also known as my uncle to contact me 1-678-975-0067..Thank you so much!

  42. Sean Driscoll says

    Hey, my names Sean im 14 years old 8th grade, but basketballs my life, im a gym rat puttin in work to try to go to the NBA but, iv been thinkin instead of going D1 i could just play overseas after highschool, or sooner, i hear you can play at a young age i still gotta ways to go with talent but my hard work will keep me up with the big boys… so what do i do?


    Hi, my name is Ben , I am 14 years old and I am in 9th grade. I live in Brazil and I play basketball
    for my school and also for a club in Campinas.
    I am interested in playing overseas and I am considered a very talented point guard.
    Please help me with finding the right contacts . I appreciate your help.
    REgards. Ben K.

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