Worldwide Basketball Tryouts

basketball tryoutsMany basketball players come to the website searching for basketball tryouts in a particular state or country. In most cases there aren’t many professional basketball tryouts for overseas teams.  There are several exposure camps that cater to several agents and a few teams who are local. However, most players are contracted and during the first two weeks, both the basketball player and the club can decide whether they would like to continue or not.

It is a type of tryout and players are compensated and if both sides agree, payment will go out as planned in the contract. So most players expecting a tryout like a high school tryout, it is not the case at all. Your basketball agent will have to find a club and then get you a “tryout”. That will be your chance to shine and prove yourself.

In the states, there are a number exposure camps, tryouts and pro-ams that will help you move forward.


  1. david says

    i started playing basketball in 2002 at age 22 i was super sorry but i stuck with it cause some thing inside of me said keep going now its 2009 i keep my head up while im dribbling i been dubbed the fastest in the gym i got a well respected jump shot good dribbling stiffling defence
    i score at will but i come to a point where i cant teach my self no more and i make silly mistake some times that i know with a little coaching ill be a good player or the best player
    not all coaching can see talent some my ignore it if its not shouting at them my question is
    will a overseas team take a player that not fully develop but driven to be successful

  2. says

    ok. im a leader on in off the court im a man off the court but on the court im a monster im 6’2 200lbs its nothing i cant do i can defend anybody i can score on anybody i suppose to be in the NBA no bull for real google me if you dont trust me on that but no one gave me a chance i deserve a chance but never had one offer. in grammer school avr 30 a game high school avr 28 a game callege avr 20 a game in no one seen me but, god told me never give up, in guess what im still standing strong. someone will see me in will be a champ trust me my bond is strong. but who ever read this tell some one they have a pro here just was never giving a chance. thanks in have a nice day in god bless you. google me just typ my name jerwin callaway i played with and aginst the best players in the NBA right now. all i ask for is a chance. put me in front of anybody coach player i will play basketball the way it supposed to be played. the call me killa cal AkA 40 cal.

  3. quest zackery says

    is it true that junior basketball team get payed overseas if you know please anwser

  4. says

    depends on the quality of the player. but the pay normally is low like 100-200 euros. most juniors aren’t paid. if there is junior national team there are stipends.

  5. sweet lou says

    needing and wanting a legitimate shot at making it with a professional basketball team overseas or in the US!!

  6. Lou Bruno says

    Hello my name is bruno im cuban italian about 6 foot 9 tall 210 im looking for an agent to help me get into a spain league …i might be moving out there and want to get back on my game….i still have 4 years oof eligebility for college…….please contact me at

  7. brian onuoha says

    my name is brian onuoha i am from texas an 6’1 180 point gaurd class of 2011, im looking for an agent to help me get into a spain league or and south american league! i play for 2 auu teams and also play for my school team, i been on varsity since my freshman year!!
    please contact me by my email

  8. Rodney keys says

    I am Rodney Keys i am an upcoming senior in highschool and i am looking to come play the game i live for in europe. if you can help me with any thing please email me

  9. Chris Click says

    hello, my name is chris click im currently in washington im looking forward too getting in the next summer leauge tryouts. Im 6″3 i play bigger :) im looking for information how to get in this i really love the game of basketball. can someone or a agent give me a email on how too get into this please really will appreciate it so much. thanks Chris… email is
    will come too where you are too show you some of the skillz i have too :)

  10. 'Walker Mallory says

    Hi my name is walker and i have been playing basketball my whole life but ever since 7th grade has been when I began to dedicate my life to it. In my middle school career I averaged 25 ppg, 5ast, and 8 RPG. I am a combo guard who can shoot the lights out from the 3, good driver who can get the foul almost 90% of the time. I am going to be entering 9th grade at the height of 6’0 and 150 pounds. I have been playing on a summer high school basketball team where I start on the varsity and avg 17 ppg. I would like to play in EU when i come out of high school.

  11. Ashlei Kenchen says


  12. Eric Hamerton says

    My name is Eric I’m from California. I am 23 years old 6’4″ and I play guard. Just hoping I could get some help an or info on tryouts I can go to. Contact me an I can send tape.

  13. Mohsin says

    Hi my name is Mohsin Bhatti. I started to play basketball in like 9th grade. I am 6’3″ about 190 in great shape. i play the guard postion. In middle school i played agaisnt high school and college kids and in high school i was getting college coaches and players attention. i have been hoping to play overseas most of my life i did get one offer but it was in an asian country back in 07. I am hoping to play over europe. i am 23 years old. Really fast with or without ball. textbook shot and i make it easier for others to score. i was hoping if i can get a agent coach or player to help me guide me over to the european leagues.

  14. damian neveaux says

    i have a player that’s a true 7’footer. the guy has very good skills and is a monster on the boards and shot blocking. He is 22yrs old. He is currently working with the great John Lucas Sr.i guess you can say he was a late bloomer, but he is ready now. We are trying to land him with an overseas team. if anyone is interested, contact me at, or 832-264-9539

  15. Cordelro says

    my name is Cordelro Warren i am from Chicago an 6’2 205 point gaurd class of 2010 im looking for an agent to help me get into a spain league or and south american league! i play for 1 auu teams and also play for my school team, i been on varsity since my 11th grade
    please contact me by my email or phone or 719 964 7787

  16. says

    Hello,My name is Lazar I’m from Serbia,I have a 15years old,and Im now going in high school.
    I,ve never train basketball in a club,I’m only in high school playing,and everyone sad to me that I’m very well in basketball,so I decide to find some tryout on the internet,and Im looking for tryout in Europe,or need an agent who will help me and recommand me for some tryout or club here in europe.I’m from poor family and I also need a free tryouts,or stipendy.Please answer to my mail or

  17. thomas pfaff says

    I am a 6’8 245 powerforward looking to play overseas played at lipscomb university class of 09 any tryouts upcoming?

  18. Brandon Baker says

    My name is Brandon Baker. I am 6’0ft and roughly 165 lbs. I am a shooting gaurd and live for basketball. I am trying to find some information in oversea basketball tryouts and was wondering if you had any information or tips for me? If so please email me at Thank you.

  19. Kenny Toles Jr says

    Honestly I just started back getting in shape since I moved 2 years ago. I had 1 college scouting me in high school called Blue Mountain College. It was going to be their first season with a basketball program. I got injured in my very last high school regular season game, sprained ligaments and torn tendons in my ankle. But I went through very vigurous rehab and recovered 3 weeks ahead of time. I’m not going to lie about my size or speed or skills like I know a lot of people do. My target size is 5’10” tall and 190 lbs. I still have about 40 pounds to go. I probably should mention I am not a slim build. I am a more of a “tank” build as I like to call it, basically saying I’m a muscular person I just have a little stress weight on me due to a stressful moment in my life earlier this year. I was forced to play center in my high school years because I was so strong so needless to say I wasn’t very productive. I was by far the best shooter in my school and I was by far the best basketball player in my school. I have a very intelligent basketball mind and I still talk to people who know more and I try to take in as much as possible. I am looking to find an agent. Whether that agent specializes in European leagues or the NBA I will work with them. I just need about another 6 months to get into top form. I honestly would like to maybe email an agent back and forth to get to know them and build a bond so we can get the best foot forward and the basketball rolling. Thanks for your time.

  20. marshall washington says

    am from milwaukee am 23 years old i really want 2 play ball overseas or the us am very good at playing i just need a shot am 6 7 240 and i have all around game

  21. Arienne Smith says

    My name is Arienne Smith, And i would like to play overseas…
    I am 21yrs old, and i am 5’9 and i have my associate degree in science
    i have played college ball for two years (08-10)
    please contact i would love to talk business over email or phone
    thank you..

  22. Dre Garcia says

    My name is Andreas Garcia I’m about 5’10 150 pounds and I’m 23 and i’m looking to play ball overseas i can qualify to play in mexico and,dominican republic all i need is a agent and a passport.I play point guard and shooting guard.Iplayed for 2 years in high school!I’m really intrested in playing ball my number is 210-800-7014

  23. bobby abreu says

    My name is bobby abreu am 6-2 weight 215…am trying to find a way to play overseas or some minor leauge basket ball i consider my self a very good player and am drivin to do anything it takes to make it .# 786 506 2020

  24. B says

    Just wanted to know if anyone was contacted by an agent or anything after posting their info and interest on this forum. Thanks

  25. Noah bowman says

    Hi my name is Noah Bowman I am the best basketball player in California if you can get me a tryout for any simipro team any where we will both be rich I swear it call me 916-807-1167 ps the best.

  26. Barry Halley Jr says

    There is not a player out there today that has the old heart that drives teams to be better than me. I am 6 foot 4 and have been playing my whole life. I treat the game as if it was the end all be all of my life. i would play anywhere fr anyone. i have played college ball on a full ride and am just wnting to still compete. It is my passion. If anyone can point me in the right direction to another oppertunity to play the game i love i would appreciate it. my number is (719) 369-7317. Thank you

  27. jesus r sanchez says

    i am a senior at Eagle Pass High school Eagle Pass TX 78852 i am 6 foot 1 guard 196 pounds would like to play overs seas for any team.i am in leader on and off the court doesnt matter the place i play i always go Hard. my number is (830)325-8333 Thank You.

  28. Mike says

    Noah bowman u are not the best basketball player in Cali. U weren’t even an mcdonolds all American. Plus dude I will lite u up. U couldn’t guard me. Like your talk but seriously talk to me when u do something with your basketball career. Like me I play overseas now. All u people looking to tryout you need to go to exposure basketball camps. It cost good amount of money but way worth it

  29. Dwayne A says

    I’m 22 yr male. 6’4 195lbs. I live in Chicago and dominate leagues out here. I’d love to go play overseas. Strengths are slashing and a mid range shooter. Ball handling skills are great and have a 42 inch vertical. I usually run the 1. Where are there tryouts this summer? Email

  30. tray.r says

    Im,tray I was born a basketball baby been playin for 17 I’m a junior in high school im 6’3 and 160 I played point guard most of my life but because of my scoring my coaches moved me to sg cause I’m a natural shooter and my natural ball handling skills I’m a great defender avg.20 a game I come from a line of athletic stars brother play football for clemson sister got a scholarship to fsu basketball and I’m just trying to compete and prove to every one I can compete at the next level…..just need a agent


    I am 21 years old & is an explosive 5’11 180 lb guard. 1st off i am in excellent shape!!! Lights out shooter!! Played a year at southern university at shreveport, then transferred to Northwestern State for a season. Very high basketball IQ & is willing to learn as much as I can. Contact me @

  32. Brandon Winfield says

    Hi, My name is Brandon Winfield. I have one of the greatest talents in the world and I am looking to showcase it. So please if anyone could contact me on YouTube, Facebook, or my email, which is My number is 7247644493. Please. Defense win games, offense sales tickets. And I have it coach..

  33. Myron Estrada-Doty says

    Ive been playing the sport of basketball since i first touched the ball, at the age of 3. i am now 19, from that point til now; I have only played on a team twice while my High School days occurred and that was in the 11th grade and my AAU team 9th,10th, nd 11th. From what i know, heard and seen; I have grown into a better player and is willing to become great. im only 6’0″ right now but I hope i get to stretch some more inches because if that happens, I know i will be a threat and that comes from the confident i have. I wanted to get a chance to play some college ball but i never got noticed and it will be too late because im a umcoming junior , so if i could get help from a trainer to get me right from now until I graduate; that will be a blessing. ALL I NEED IS THAT ONE SHOT, to have a trainer to get me right and work with me, I WLL BE GREAT, Im driven to be successful and this is the one sport that I LOVE TO DEATH. It just gives me that feeling when im on the court and i want this to be my job one day, so if ANYBODY could help i would surely appreciate it. Thanks to the personm that reads this.

  34. Damon Brinton says

    Hello, I’m currently a senior in high school. I’m coming off of a pretty bad ankle injury but I’m working through it. I had to sit out my junior season but I’m back in the game! I’m a 6’6″ 200lb SF/SG/PF. I can shoot 3s very well and I’m finally dunking the ball again! Not like I used to but I’ll be there soon with hard work. I’m very dedicated to the game and I’ve wanted to play professional basketball in Europe for quite a few years. If someone or an agent can email me try out information or anything for teams in Italy, Spain, Norway, or France I’d really appreciate it! My email is

  35. Jonathan Barfield says

    My name is Jonathan Barfield im 22 years of age from Memphis TN. I played basketball for Lambuth University and I would to continue a career with the game of basketball

  36. Sonya Burt says

    Hello my name is Sonya Burt, I am the GM of a semi pro women’s basketball team called the Palm Beach Sabers,located in West Palm Beach Florida, we are currently looking to fill our team with another seven elite players, as this is our inaugural season we are looking to make a big splash in the league…..for more info and serious inquiries, pls email me at

  37. Quinton Elders says

    im 6’4 200 puonds an i really need sum help on getting an agent i play hard i can score 30 points a game if needed but im a team player i do the dirty work i never give up on plays i play hard till the whistle blows an my best attribute is jumping i have a 48 inch vertical leap ima great rebounder i play very good defence an i love getting better eveyday if theres sumone tht knows wat to do to get started i culd really use the information thank you

  38. says

    Hello, My name is jeremy Priester, I am a 6 foot PG. I Am in the marine corps so ive stayed in great shape. im about to get out of the corps. ive been playing for the marines in japan. I have never stoped playing so give me a call or e-mail. above is my profile. 760-524-7572,

    Thank you

  39. Jacob Wein says

    Hello my name is Jacob Wein im 22 years old I’m 5’9″ and a half I have a 6 foot arm span I’m 195lb wide build very strong I played 4 years varsity in high school was going to play for a small d2 university i play big even know im shorter i use my wide build to move around other players but I had to move to israel to help some family I still play every day a minimum of 5 hours a day doing drills just drills I’m still in Israel I have citizenship looking for an agent in israel or in Europe or team tryouts thank you for your time.

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