New Womens Basketball League (WBCBL)

The WBCBL, Women’s Blue-Chip Basketball League, is a New Women’s Minor League aimed at giving you 2 things:

1. A good look at NEW talent

2. Competitive play to keep current Professional players in shape

For more information, send email to

They have a website here:

Women’s Blue-Chip Basketball League

7 Responses to “New Womens Basketball League (WBCBL)”

  1. Hillary says:

    It’s been a long time overdue for a minor league instatment for girls basketball! How would I become invovled in this?

  2. Marie says:

    This is what i’ve been looking forward too!!!
    How can I become a league player

  3. LaToya Davison says:

    I have been waiting for a chance to play basketball after college. How do I get involved with this league?

  4. Q says:

    The league has actually just ended. Normally the tryouts are in November. Check out some of the previous post about that league and how to get involved: WBCBL

  5. Michelle D. Smith says:

    When, Where, are the next basketball tryouts? I would love to keep a log of all the different locations for future events. I love this sport, truly will travel wherever, whenever to play.

  6. WBCBL says:


    There are several teams that have not filled their rosters and need players ASAP!
    Go to: and email or call them directly to find out how you can join them…

    Here’s a few…

    ** Florida Heat **
    Phone: 786-326-1629

    ** Miami Rain **
    Contact Number: 305-343-9044

    ** Atlanta Angels **
    Phone: 404-213-1252

    ** Savannah Lady Warriors **
    Contact Number: 912-313-9820

    ** North Texas Flash **
    Contact Number: 214-797-3587

    ** Shreveport Sting **
    Phone: 318-572-4831

    ** New Orleans Hurricanes **
    Contact: 504-281-5121

    ** Louisiana Blaze **
    Contact: 985-510-9927 or 985-974-7906

    ** D-Town Regulators **
    Contact: 214-498-0241

    Hope to see you on the court,
    – WBCBL Staff

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