Europe Mens Basketball Job 2/3 Position

An agent is looking for a player without an agent with US passport.

Be able to play the 2/3 Position. Job in Div1 in Europe. Good athletic abilities. Reliable shoot. NCAA1 or/and already played in Europe if possible.

Direct all emails and profiles to



  1. Brett Freeman says

    Im 14, 5’9, i play point guard for Blackpool Under 16s n really wanna play european pro ball when im 18! any advice? And does any1 know i can get a trial for the Britain Olympic Mens? Im a fair shooter and pretty gurd handles…i blelieve i have potential to be a good player but jus need the right help!

  2. Anthony Taste says

    Hi, I’m 6 foot 2 and I’m 19 years old, and Ive never played college basketball. I’m looking to get better and work my way into Europe or some professional team. Im just looking to gain experience, and go to workouts and practices so I can get better and gain more experience because I’m passionate and serious about playing.

  3. steven cotton says

    im 5’9″ and i play dahm good basketball. some college experience, please get back at me im ready to play thats all i can say at this point in time, if theres any possible way i can show my skills i would be more thatn willing. you can reach me at (651)2396851, im ready to gain knowledge about the game as well. i just need to be put in a position were someone can really get me on the right track


    i am presently a college student in Africa studying computer science,i love basketball so much that i am called NBA,i have played in so many tournaments in school and also outside school…I WILL LIKE TO PLAY INTERNATIONAL AND I DO NOT MIND IF I AM AWARDED A SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY AND AS WELL PLAY BASKET BALL.

  5. Jorge Garcia says

    My name is Jorge Garcia and I’ve been playing ball since I was 10 y/o. I’m 24 now and currently serving in the Navy and have been for the last 5 years. I’m 5’9 and 170lbs. Play PG didn’t play college or semi-pro anywhere due to joining the Navy right away and haven’t been able to tryout until because of deployments. All I’m asking for is a chance, I’m a hard a dedicated worker with a sweet shot, great defense, good court vision and a great rebounder for my height. I need to work on my strenght though as thats one of my downfalls but am willing to do whatever it takes.

  6. Joshua says

    Where Can i find a honest agent that will help me out to play some ball overseas. Or Semi pro ball in a league that pays.

  7. Anthony Thompson says

    I’m a 6’4 shooting guard with a lot of the basic skills, my game is pretty much fundatmental. I pass well, shoot well, and run the floor well. I mostly play the 3 or sometimes 4. I’m from Jackson, MS. I’ve played ball in college but due to hours it didn’t work out. But i want the chance to play ball on the next level and i will be good.

  8. Ryan Hargesheimer says

    hey my name is Ryan. I am a 6’7″ 205lb inside out player. I am a little more comfortable playing outside and getting to the rim, but love to play in the post as well. I am just looking around trying to find some type of contact so I can play overseas. I played for a top Division 3 team (Carthage College) from 2000-2004. I was a conference champion 3 years and team captain. Please contact me if you know of anyway I can get this ball rolling.

    Thanks so much,


  9. Evan Veecock says

    Hi i am 6,2 and i am 18 that can play the 1/2 guard i am a very good three point shooter and i and very athletic i can guard bigger players then me

  10. Cleville Dates says

    Hello my name is Cleville Dates. I am 6 foot and play a strong 2/3/4 position. I like to run and have tough defense. I am reliable from the stripe and am quick on the turn of a dime. I have played basketball in High School and am interested in play overseas. Thank you for your time.

  11. Uwem R Akpan says

    my name is owen am a player looking forwsrd to play in europe, though as a rookie but i believe i can make it. am 6’5 PF.

  12. Alvin Smith says

    I am 6’5′ 185lbs i play 2,3,4,5 position, great ball handling skills, good 3 point shooter, and im great on offense and defense

  13. Derrick Smith says

    Hi, my name is Derrick Smith and Im 6’3″ 180lbs. 2/3 pos. Im extremely athletic and in search of coaching and experience. Ive never played college bball due to restrictions from past Track & Field college coach. I work hard on both ends of the court and off. Im a great defender, shooter, passer and rebounder.

  14. zina Oheri says

    Hi, my name is Zina oheri im 6’3 190lbs. I play 1/2/3 pos. Im very talented and im very athletic. I work twice as hard on my game because I strive to be the best. Im very quick and fast, I work on my handles so im a very good ball handler. I also work on shooting because shooting is where im amazing at, and I also can shoot very well from all angles. But I strive to be a good defender as well, so im always in the passing lane getting steals. Im really a good player and overseas is something I always wanted to do. I very decatied to this game that I love so much im just looking for a chance to let the world see what i can do.

  15. Ideal Lajqi says

    Dear Friends,

    My name is Ideal Lajqi 15 year old, I`m 1.87m / 74kg and I`m from Kosova. I attend one of local basketball schools for last three years. Financially being unable to come to US, I ask anybody from US who has a good will to host me and give me the chance to continue my education and further basketball trainings. I`m a very good student (can be checked with the school principal) and very motivated player (coach can be contacted). Hoping to receive a positive reply, I wish you all the best. mail
    God bless you

  16. Art Peuthi says

    Dear everyone who likes basketboll,

    My names is Art Pruthi 14 year old , I`m very good player.I play basketboll since 2003.I play 1,2 position.I`m great defense.I`m very serios when I play and I ask anybody who has a good will to host me and give me the chance to continue mu education and to continue my favourite sport.

    Thank you !

  17. steven cotton aka rashad ali says

    5’11” 160 pounds very athletic and very fast, i can handle the rock, dunk, pass, shoot, and score. i can compete with the best of them. im ready to play i just need someone whos willing to take the time and the opportunity to turn me into a pro, did i mention im only 20 years of age

  18. steven cotton aka rashad ali says

    this is steve cotton, remember me. ok now that we got that sqaured away i just want to give my lil 2cent about this website. first ill start by saying that this website is the only website referring me to agents that have the experience to get players active with pro teams, i just wanna say on my behalf… i feel like this is a real opportunity to get players involved in something that will benefit themselves.

    Short n sweat

  19. Thomas Andrew Schlegel says

    So basically i am 5’10 weighing 175. My forty time is 4.6 seconds, i play point gaurd mainly becuase of my size but i am also a good set shooter who can knock down shots at any given time. I also have experience playing inside Cole Field House and The Comcast Center at College Park. I love the game of basketball and would love to pursue my career in playing basketball so i dont feel like my talent is being wasted. Give me a shout if you want to be impressed.



    I am 6’4″ 210lbs, Shooting Guard/ Small Forward with great hops. I have had very good experiences in the game of basketball, played numerous games, scored many points, caught many rebounds, placed outstanding blocks, “dunked on many Post players” . Many say what they can do, Many present their records and outstanding qualities but you and I knows, all these doesnt count when its about TIME. Words can only mean so much. Many chose this game because of fame, wealth, and all but “The game chose me” I play for nothing! I play for the LOVE of the game. When Im on the floor, I am driven. I hope to hit the mark someday. I am ready to play whenever, wherever and for whatever. Here is my email

  21. dunu o. paul says

    i am 6’7,and i play the SF position,i can also shoot very well from various spots on the court and one of the best defensive players in my team,i aspire to play college basketball and take my game to the next level,but like my brother said [temitope] i call him brother not because his is my fellow country man but because we are one basketball family,i am finding it hard to get to the states,my grades are good but it seems coaches would always tell you to keep playing you are talented and would make it if you keep working on your game,it’s just like telling some one hey you passed the driving test but you can’t drive,and hey you would believe me when i say you can’t improve on any thing if you don’t move to the next level.all i can say for now is i am ready to do my thing if given an opportunity,my e-mail address is,hope to hear from you guys.

  22. Gbadebo Olumide S says

    My name is Gbadebo Olumide Shedrach i am a small forward and a power forward, i am 6ft9inches, i am a player that loves winning, very aggressive and i believe in order to win we all need to work as a team and in order to be a team you have to be a brothers keeper and in been a brothers keeper you have to be able to give a help defense for your team mate always.
    I always make my team always realise we are born winners and thats what always gets me to win always.

  23. Lawrence Watson says

    Hi I’m a young guy been moved around from place to place. All I want to do is play basketball. I’m very good at what I do i just need one shot at it. I graduated from high school. I’m 6’3 230lbs and i can play at any position you put me in. My number is 253-330-2368 give me a call if you can. I’m looking forward to talking to you and once again thanks

  24. Maurice Collins says

    My name is Maurice. I’m a 6″1ht.,200 lbs point/shooting guard with college and semi-pro experience. I was a 1st team all-american in college and averaged nearly 40ppg in 2007. You can check out my profile on to verify my achievements. I’m just looking for the right opportunity to restart my career.

  25. Anthony Terry says

    I am a senior in highschool looking to play basketball coming out of highschool over seas please contact me, I have I wining attitude and I’m able to play the 1/2 position.

  26. Don Carlisle says

    veteran player in europe play the 2/3/4 32 years old 6’7 225 france the last 6 years video available on request.

  27. spencer ford says

    6’11 22yr. old small forward. i have tryouts set up in the phillipines in june but no agent yet and would love to be in europe instead. i am from the bay area in california. i can show workout tapes or come workout personally. please email me at if you like. along with numerous coaches reccs. thank you. very professional and ready to work.

  28. Quinton tucker says

    Hello my name is Quinton tucker im 18 6’0 shooting guard in very good aggressive very good shooter in very good defense im looking forward to playing overseas basketball like next year sometime im a very good player everyone I live around thinks im very good but if you guys can contact me asap or soon my number is 815-614-0163 thanks take care

  29. Derek Cannady says

    My name is Derek Cannady i’m a 6’1 point guard very great rebounding guard an defender playing overseas basketball is my dream as well as taking care of my family i can use either hand around the rim very good at creating my own shot as well as for others great at pick an roll action call me asap please at 205-239-9694 have a bless day take care

  30. George Kabwebwe says




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