Agent Scams Part II – Real Example

Sorry part two of my definitions of a professional basketball agent is a week late :(. I have been a little bit busy with new plans and additions to this website.

During the late part of June a player contacted me about a country where they had received an offer to play this season. The player wanted to confirm this because it came between deciding to quit a current steady job to play overseas. The player had to make decisions pretty fast. So I acted as fast as I could because I had a reliable contact in that country they inquired about. Well I informed the player that I would check if that basketball offer that was received actually true. My contact came back saying that the team had no plans on signing an American of that type. So I said hmm, let me check again. So I tried to contact again during my trip overseas and they in fact signed a player from the home country. During all of my checking and asking my contacts, the player contacted me again asking if it seemed right that this would happen. The agent that was working for them wanted a fast decision and had a contract ready for them to sign with an actual team. The player at this time was a bit frantic as anyone would be when you have to decide to quit a steady job and take a risk to play overseas that is not always guaranteed.

So the player was smart and contacted another player that this agent was representing to see what this agent was all about. The player was told by the other person that the same thing had happened to them. Now this seems a bit odd, but very sketchy. After little more investigating and calling around the player found that this agent was in fact a scam artist of some sort. The agent wrote up their own contracts and made the players to believe that they were going to play overseas. The player did not like this and took action by reporting the agent to the IRS and other reputable companies in that state in the USA.

I hate to see this happen because I don’t think its fair that anyone should be taken advantage of in this manner. But this player did not back up and took action so that it would NOT happen to others. This story is the inspiration from that player’s story and first bad experience of basketball agents. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone and therefore if anyone knows of any agents that have scammed you please write in the comments your story or the company so that other players can avoid this.

I would appreciate truth and honesty because it wouldn’t be nice to call out people just because you didn’t get a particular job. But any agents that have scammed you, took your money or so forth please post it below. It is appreciated!!

Until next time, I hope to post a very positive agent story :)


  1. NA says

    Agent Names : Srdjan & Goran Premovic . ( not sure if that is their real names )

    Website :


    If you receive an email from or contacting to these scam artists, don’t response! They are not legit and are full of lies and promises that never happen. I am still trying to research them to either get them off the market or sue them. I have lost a lot of time and money. I pass offers up for this “exposure” and nothing was exposed except my pocket!

  2. Kj says

    Goran and Srdjan Premovic are good people they are helping players and i got job through them 2 years in row and before i was working with them i never played in Europe. Deals were not big but they can put people in jobs.

  3. Jon says

    SrÄ‘an Premovic and Goran are scam they don’t have any connection to no team Srdan can’t coach nor Goran they have no knowledge of any type of basketball facts. They lie about everything they money hungry guys who looking for a quick buck off usa players who hungry to get oversea don’t trust them do reseach on them.. liars!!

  4. Brandon Roberson says

    I call people to say names Jon and N/A that are commenting about Srdan and Goran Premovic – where you gentleman played and what is your basketball background so to see who are you and what is your credibility. I say by my name that in September 2012 I got 1st job in Europe through Srdjan and Goran and in January 2013 after I killed there they moved me in Kosovo in RTV 21 on better deal. I do not like when people are hiding and speaking bad about people that are legit. My name is Brandon Roberson look for me on facebook I can confirm this to anyone. Not just me I know a lot of other players they put in jobs.


  5. Marko Juric says

    Goran and Srdan Premovic are the biggest scam in basketball and a shame for serbian people.
    All they look for is stealing money of players. They charge even 10 Euros for washing clothes
    They will steal all the money of players, and when the player got no more they send him to kind of tryout to teams. The biggest contract they got to a player was maybe 400 dollars.
    Those guys are the biggest joke. But they find always players from the states who believe in their lies.
    Shame on them. The are not serbian people. Goran a coach ? where did he coach at? In serbia he was maybe a toilete cleaner in a 3.rd division team. Srdan an agent ? Where do they place players

  6. Steve Francisco says

    Srdjan and Goran Premovic are very slimy Serbians who will take your money from their website and spend it on stuff like boob jobs for his girlfriend or personal trips. These guys owe lots of money to lots of establishments like hotels and gym owners. They used to run a camp in Serbia that got shut down because of fraud. Money hungry people that will find very low level jobs for players and will only find jobs where they can take a cut of the paycheque no matter how small.

  7. Scam Victim says

    How iz yor Engrish there Premovic? Yeah, not so good. After being royally screwed by European Basketball Academy, I ended up taking a trip to your hometown. Bro, you and your staff have fooled a lot of people but, damn. You failed to mention that the development coach (who is conveniently from your Obrenovac village) is a middle school drop out who, after his 18th bday played no basketball. Mofo worked in a furniture store. I heard that he and his family defrauded an American woman. Then I got to your info, and DAMN. Needless to say, these scam artists took my parents life savings and let me high and dry. I will be taking legal action. Anyone else up for a class action lawsuit?

  8. Vladimir says

    I attended this academy in October 2014 and I am very happy with Srdjan Premovic and his academy I got a job in Romania and I can recommend this academy to everyone. Players with no level should not be entering this academy.

  9. Naomi Jewels says

    I need to know if this agent is a fake.. My bf received as Facebook message from someone named Allan Scott who claimed to be a scout who asked him to play in China on a team called Jiangsu tongxi… The agent name was Donald Ford? Help please!!

  10. says

    I will have to do a bit more research but have you looked up the team name? If so, try to contact them directly to be sure. If they are asking for some type of payment stay away..

  11. Mac says

    Trying to see if anyone has background on a Corey Edmondson or Shasta Scott? Shasta runs Sims Basketball and Corey reached out to me about possible jobs in Chile, South America, New Zealand and others. Wanted to see if anyone has heard of them or worked with them? They have a site at that I’ve been through a couple times to check them out. Help and thank you!

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