Players need for basketball job in Cyprus

We need two experienced players for 2 teams in Cyprus. Our clients will only consider players with at least one year of experience. Mid to top level Europe, CBA, USBL, NBDL, etc. The teams are looking for one pure shooting guard. They do not want combo guards and prefer a bigger player at this position (6’3″+). Also needed is a strong 4 man to compliment their existing post game. This player should be able to play/defend the wing as well as some back to the basket. A good rebounder is a must(6’8″+) preferably.

Our clients will request a good quality game tape in vhs/dvd format

For players with an agent be advised that the agent fee will be divided 3 ways.

Both teams will select players for two week tryouts in early september. Players will be required to pay for their own flight to and from Cyprus for the tryout. This is reimbursable if the player signs a contract. Included in the offers are housing, transportation, 2 round trip tickets, and bonuses. Salaries start at $5000 usd for the 2 guard and $7000 for the power forward.

Our clients will contact players directly through our website. Please be sure to leave a DAYTIME number where you can be reached. If you’ve submitted a profile to our site before you do not need to resubmit to be considered. For those who have not you may submit your information by going to, creating an account, then logging back in and entering your profile. For those with an agent be sure to list their name and contact information. This is a free service and we’re only paid if a contract is signed. There are NO fees paid to us or the team prior to the tryout. If you have any problems editing your information please email me directly at Thanks.


  1. Adrian Bolden says

    My name is Adrian, i’m 21 yrs old and am 6’5″, about 225 lbs. I played a lot of the 4 guard in high school, so i have hopps and and can be a good rebounder when not playing the forward postion. but have always been a shooting guard, but had to play the position needed 4 to complete the tea. My shot has always been good but has improved tremendously over the years, have excellent shooting form. Have the required ball handling skills to be a 2 or 3 guard . I love the game of basketball, just didnt go to college and play due to bad relationship with high school coach. He didnt help with my future and bad mouth me so i didnt get to show my talent and am very interseted in doing that. Thanks for your time & i would love to hear back from you if interested in what i’ve said @ just in case the other didnt go through.

  2. zain says

    i really need an agent that will take me out from nigeria and promote my basketball carreeer, am just 19 year old boy with 6ft tall 85kg point guard that can dunk drive shoot,and assist please email me back at

  3. Eugene Parker jr says

    i am a 5’10 point guard from georgia who is looking for a chance to play basketball again. i rate my self as a blue collard player who will be coachable respectful and a leader. i do have film if need some let me know. my email is cell is 478-390-0580… God Bless

  4. lorenzo Morrison says

    I Am from Rochester,NY am 6 ft and young and welling to learn and explore the game of basketball,but i didnt come just to learn I came to perform at a very high level of basketball am an very exellent at the point guard position.My number 1 thing is to play hard on the defence,but I bring a lot to the plate when it comes offense, I can rebound with bigger centers and am good at passing the ball in cluth time before my freshman year I was getting scouted by my dream college alabama state division I still attend there in the year 2012 but I want to take my game to the next level.I got alot of people that want me to suceed , I need an agent to follow my career with me but feel this is an great opportunity for me and many other

    My number is (585)288-1676and business number (585)232-2165
    Am really looking forward to any request from coaches and agents or scouts..THANK YOU

  5. Porshia Cleveland says

    Hello my name is porshia cleveland and i want to play overseas as soon as i graduate from highschool please contact me 1-678-975-0067

  6. Daryl Davis says

    I am currntly in college and looking to play overseas am very experinced and have been playing since I was 4 I have always long for the chance and willing to push myself to the limit and farther

  7. Sean Bateman says

    My name is Sean Bateman, 6’2″, 200 pound PG, one of the most creative and aggressive scorers period. I am from a small town and am poor, meaning I cannot afford these expo camps and what not. I am willing to go ANYWHERE, I just need an opportunity! Email:, phone: 252-320-3087.

  8. Torre Dessein says

    My name is Torre Dessein, 23 years of age 6’4″ 190 pound SG/SF when it come to teamball im diverse and aggressive on the court plus I listen well. I from Fort Lauderdale Fl, Im insufficient funds i can’t afford expo camps but know that once I get a opportunity in which Im will to travel anywhere I am a fast learner just need that second chance.

  9. Torre Dessein says

    My name is Torre Dessein, 23 years of age 6’4″ 190 pound SG/SF when it come to teamball im diverse and aggressive on the court plus I listen well. I from Fort Lauderdale Fl, Im insufficient funds i can’t afford expo camps but know that once I get a opportunity in which Im will to travel anywhere I am a fast learner just need that second chance. phone (954) 558-6682 email

  10. Adm Taylor says

    6’1 175lb guard

    Defense and team ball has always been what i’ve been taught. I have great character never been in any trouble. My form is very sound. Can finish and penetrate with both hands. I have great flexibility, reflexes and work ethic (that includes workout and strict diet) that allow me to play injury free. Senior HS stats: 17.1 ppg 7.4 apg 4.9 rpg. shot 53% from field 42% 3pt 89.8% FT. * our school did not keep defensive stats, but i always guard the man brining up the ball in a %100 hight pressure defensive scheme. Both my parents played basketball and i have been playing basketball my whole life. For more info please feel free to convert this monologue into a dialog. Please Email

  11. reggie franklin says

    reggie franklin 22 years old.5.11 and i am looking for an opportunity to show the world what i can do on the harwood. i have never played in a professional game before but i have a lot of game time experience and i am hungry for a chance.all i need is that one chance and i am willig to play anywhere. I can be contacted via email or cell +4407535737349.thank you.peace.

  12. Danijel Tasic says

    I’m Danijel Tasic…age 19…height 6’9 and weight 212 lb…young,fast,smart player,play 3 and 4 positions..If somebody is interesting I’m gonna give e-mail and a phone number…see ya

  13. Pier Clay says

    I am looking for a agent who can get me a tryout to play overseas. I am 6’1 with a 38 in vertical and excellent ball handling skills and I am a winner.

  14. Verrell says

    im 5’8 nd im a well all around point guard/shooting guard and i could use some work but im good all around i attack the basket well and i have good court vision 224 627 3116 you can reach me at any time i am interested in playing overseas

  15. Sha Brown says

    My name is Sha Brown im a post player 6’4&&1/2 very good quick for my size love basketball im in collegfe right now but I know that I am way better than the playing time I’m getting averaged 23.2 points in high school and 16.8 rebounds per game. Super Centex Player of the Year All-State Player MVP 2 of the 4 years in high school! and I would love to play overseas!(:

  16. Dernodo Eiland says

    My name is Dernodo Eiland i am a 6’6 230 guard that can post. My best ability is to shoot the ball i played at 4 different colleges in my college career. I was ranked top 150 in the country for juco. I can handle the ball and get to the rim at will. Strong rebounder. And a very good passer. Looking to play anywhere overseas that need a big guard that can play the 1-4 position. Please contact me via email. I am ready to start ASAP!!!

  17. Andrei Khromchanka says

    Hi, My name is Andrei Khromchanka im 17 years old im 182 cm tall. i live in sweden and play in next highest leauge here. I really need a agent that can help me to move from swedens basketball to something better.

  18. Chancious Rose says

    Hello, my name is Chancious Rose. I am 6 feet tall and a scoring guard. I went to Ohlone College in California before transferring to college back in my hometown Houston,Tx.. I averaged 17ppg 4.3apg and 3rpg at the shooting guard position in college..I have played in the pro amp and many other high volume leagues..I played AAU for Houston Elite and Houston Hoops..Please contact me on my email or 7133988690 my cell

  19. Jonathan says

    Hello, my name is Jonathan 17, from Australia. I love the game of basketball and being so young and still growing would love the opportunity to learn more about the game, I’m now 6 foot and training daily on clutch shooting, running, vertical jumping and building bulk, I am a natural shooter and i get better everyday, i am determine to get somewhere.

  20. Andrei Khromchanka says

    Hi, my name is andrei and im living in Sweden. I am 18 years old and 182m tall. I have been playing basketball since i was 11 years. I play the pointguard possion in my team. Who is one of Swedens best teams. I am a player that can make other players so mutch better and offcours am I trying to allways win.

  21. esosa igbinoba says

    hi,my name is esosa,i played basketball for almost 8 years now,i am 17 years old,i am 6ft tall,a point guard and a shooting gueard,i dunk as well.i played for different clubs in Nigeria and the national team,i am still growing and i will put more impact into the game.i now stay in cyprus.this is my number 99784326.thank you very much.please help me build my talent and you will gain from it alot.

  22. Jamori Lee says

    my name is Jamori Lee snd i attend esprit de corps center for learning and im a senior and want to play overseas ball call me at (904) 508-8173

  23. Stanojevic Milan says

    Hi ,my name is Milan Stanojevic,born 1987,j play for baskeball club Panda,secend B Division in Serbia,I am 191 cm tall, 92kg heavy.Can you look at my videos and tell me if there is a chance to come to the test in same club .Thank you

  24. Alex says

    Hello i am from Paphos Cyprus,i am 6.3,i play basketball for 5 years i played only as a shooting guard..If you wish more information please contact me on my email thank you!

  25. Kevin Sherman says

    my name is kevin sherman age 17 but turning 18 this summer im am a very talented player people say my game is just like lerry bird if you need a leader, scorer, or someone who will dedicate their time and sacrifice alot of things just to play basketball call me you wont regret it at least watch me play my number is 727-831-6862 or my gmail,……..please.

  26. Curtis Gardner says

    Hello my name is Curtis Gardner i’m 6’2 and i weigh 180lbs. I’m a small forawrd and i’m still and high school. I’m still and high school going to college and i’m ready to take my game to the next level.

  27. greg says

    hey my name is gregory johnson.i am 6’6. i played 2 years of college basketball and i can guard 3 positions and play 3 as well. im really trying to get a tryout somewhere overseas. if anyone is intersted please email me at

  28. Camaudy Stone says

    Hey my names Camaudy i am 6 foot and i can run the point guard or the shooting guard i’m a very good shooter with very good ball handling skills as well as my passing! I have the attitude and heart to play the game thats what makes me a good ball player. I also have a lot of experience an playing the game i played in HS in plenty of AAU teams. i would like to play over seas in help lead a team to some wins
    please contact me at 1630-956-0096 or


    Good day sir/madam,my name is Boma Memberr, i’m a girl, basketball is my dream. These links above are videos of me playing basketball. I usually train with the guys because girls dont play much around here. And i also take a 1hr journey to the only available court , where i can play till i’m satisfied for the day.

    I can play, but i know i also need fine tuning, i hope i can be considered to be recruited, please i hope i have a chance here, i need this, i am 23 years old.I’ve been playing basketball since high school.

    I’ve graduated from university (bells university , ota ogun state, nigeria, finished with a 2.1 in information technology) I was the female captain of the university, we won few medals playing against neighboring universities in Ogun state , nigeria.

    In order to chase my dream, which is to play pro, i would like to go back and take an undergraduate course, while i play for your school. I do pray i get recruited. i believe i have potentials in basketball and i can go far. I have so much passion for the game. if you cant help me, can you link me up with anyone that can help me. i can play for any team, university, club , pro.

    thank you,
    GOD bless,

  30. Rashad Goodman says

    My name is Rashad i am 6’3. I’ve been playing basketball since the 7th grade i am now 25 and i can play three positions a great team leader. I can handle the ball, shoot the ball, pass you name it i can do it im ready to get a chance to do what i love.If your interested please email me and i can show you better then i can tell you what i can do. Thank you

  31. Mike Berg says

    I recently finished my college career and looking to continue to play at the best level possible. I have an offer Japan (BJ League) but i am looking to expand my oppurtunities.

    Attached below is my highlight tape from a Pro Camp In Chicago.

    I have full game tape and other highlights at your request. Also, i have a basketball resume if need be.

    (copy and paste link please)


    Mike Berg

    1 250 415 2747

  32. Ian Morris says

    Hi my name is Ian I’m 6’4 athletic sg 3pt shooter and great slasher to basket getting other teammates involved I’ve been invited last year to try out for Croatia teams KK split, JHS Jolly but the contract offers weren’t up to par. I love basketball so much I would love this opportunity because I would be able to provide for my family. I’m a very mature basketball player age and experience wise. I’ve played with the best from nba players to overseas players.

  33. chukwuemeka says

    Position: forward Gender: Male Year Of Birth: 1995 Height: 2.02m Weight: 95 Kgr Nationality: Nigeria Current Team: GOMBE BULLS BASKETBALL TEAM Status: AVAILABLE Outlook:Chukwuemeka Emmanuel is a physical big man,with a nice rebounding
    ability,offensive and defensive rebounding,block
    shot,gives out accurate fast break,shoots well,reads
    the game appropriately.
    Strengths : Block shots,offensive and defensive
    rebounds Tactical: Good defensive and offensive plays, reads
    the game
    Mental: Hardworking player, able to adapt and
    change game when necessary
    . Physical: Average big man, aggressive on offensive
    and defensive rebounds Technical: Very good defender ,good jump shots
    and accurate assists
    . Experience: 8 years of active basketball
    Awards/Achievements:BEST REBOUNDER 2007 inter
    school games



  35. says

    he teams are looking for one pure shooting guard. They do not want combo guards and prefer a bigger player at this position (6’3″+).
    Fred Johnson-6’5″ Shooting guard
    Also needed is a strong 4 man to compliment their existing post game. This player should be able to play/defend the wing as well as some back to the basket. A good rebounder is a must(6’8″+) preferably.
    Brad Sheenan-7’0″

  36. steve young says

    hello, my name is Steven young, I am looking to find a agent or even a tryout to be able to have a chance to play overseas.
    im 5’11 175lbs really athletic nationally ranked athlete in college
    I have a 34+ vertical with great body control.
    I can play the 1,2,3 spot
    can handle the ball well
    I am very energetic and coachable
    I am just looking for a shot like everyone else
    please contact me if I can have a shot to show what I can do.

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