Best Overseas Basketball Countries

<strong>The best basketball countries depend on what you’re
looking for. If you are interested in the money only and
not worried about team conflicts with management or players
then here are a few countries where you could earn a lot
during basketball season. Please do not quote me on this
but from observing and comments from others.

- Russia
– Slovakia
– Yugoslavia

<strong>Countries that pay but the league isn’t at the
top in Europe. Most first year for men players could range
between ($1,500 – $2,500). For women it could be between
($1,300 – $2,000) depending level and stats coming out of
college. These earnings are per month and could be less
or more.

- Sweden
– Finland
– Ireland
– Denmark
– Germany (Not Top League Salary)
– Mexico (Disregard Women Salary)
– Portugal
– Iceland
– Switzerland
– Luxembourg
– Netherlands
– United Kingdom
– Poland
– Norway

Hazardous countries where there is a war, high disease inflicted
area, and teams that could be harmful.

- China (Dealing with Sars)
– Israel (Pays Great but why risk your life – New players
$2,500 – $5,000)
– Turkey
– Russia
– Korea (Nuclear War Program – North Korea but leagues in
South Korea)

<strong>The best leagues and teams are below in no particular
order. Salary is different so we cannot state but comments
are available for which I know.

- Greece (Possible teams don’t pay but league is big)
– Italy
– Germany (Top League)
– Spain
– France
– Brazil
– Russia
– Korea (South Korea)
– Australia
– Turkey
– Israel
– Croatia
– Hungary

<strong>NOTE: These salary listings and comments
may change so don’t quote me!

© 2013 . All rights reserved.
Authored by Sylita Thomas.